Embracing the Essence of Wellness: The Art of Seasonal Eating

Chef Brooke Williamson
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Published on : 2/29/24
  • By Chef Brooke Williamson, Modern Recipe Culinary Ambassador

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    Imagine biting into a cool, refreshing piece of watermelon on a hot summer day. Now think about sipping on warm pumpkin soup on a chilly autumn evening. Have you ever wondered why certain foods resonate with you at specific times of the year? Through my experience crafting menus for Modern Recipe and as a someone who personally prioritizes balanced eating and wellness, I’ve found that eating seasonally is not just a trend – it's a wonderful way to keep your body healthy and sustained throughout the year. I believe eating seasonally can foster a flavorful diet and nutrient-rich lifestyle that connects us to both our health and our communities. Here’s how and why:

    What Does “Seasonal Eating” Mean?

    Seasonal eating simply means aligning your meals with what nature intended for specific times of the year. It's all about embracing the freshest ingredients that are naturally available in your local area during a particular season. Seasonally sourced food is typically found locally and has been allowed to ripen naturally on the vine, plant or tree. Seasonality is also influenced by your geographic location and climate. While there are some challenges to eating seasonally – such as not being able to find specific fresh produce during certain times of the year – I believe that eating seasonally is easier and inherently less costly than the alternative. I encourage finding local farmer's markets and using online resources to support a seasonal lifestyle.

    How Seasonal Eating Enhances Flavor and Freshness

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    The benefits of incorporating seasonal produce into your meals are tremendous, both from a health and taste perspective. Food that's allowed to ripen on the vine or tree tastes better and boasts a denser vitamin and nutrient quality that you simply can't get from prematurely picked produce. That’s why natural combinations of fruits and vegetables that appear together in a season inspire our recipes. When I am crafting menus, I pay close attention to ingredients that are in season – oftentimes even before they're officially on the market. For example, Modern Recipe’s spring offerings like miso roasted salmon with shiitake and chestnut rice and green beans, showcase a transition from hearty winter vibes to the freshness of spring, incorporating leeks, asparagus, peas and carrots.

    Health Benefits of Seasonal Eating

    Modern Recipe’s contemporary culinary cuisine adopts a “Food as Medicine” philosophy, which puts the focus on how food impacts health, performance, and longevity. Seasonal produce is also believed to offer natural immunity-boosting effects, contributing to overall well-being. While I'm a firm believer in eating for sustaining energy, I also recognize the importance of balance. When we begin to understand that being healthy is about making smart decisions and incorporating nutrient-rich meals into your routine, we begin to embrace “Food as Medicine.” Identifying in-season foods is extremely helpful to curating a balanced and interesting diet, and resources like the USDA Seasonal Produce Guide can be a handy tool.

    Supporting Your Local Community

    Seasonal eating is a great way to support your local communities and small businesses. The best places to find seasonal produce and nutrient-rich ingredients are farmer's markets and hyper-local shopping centers. Shopping locally isn't just about freshness; it's about making a positive impact on the community. Supporting community supported agriculture (CSA) food markets not only provides the best opportunity to find fresh, locally grown, sustainable foods, but also offers a way to contribute to your community’s diverse and minority-owned small businesses.

    Modern Recipe focuses on responsible food choices that are curated from fresh, seasonal produce, and change with the seasons. Additionally, Modern Recipe actively supports local communities through thoughtful sourcing practices, aligning with our pillars of inspiring, responsible, flexible and healthy food choices.

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