Enhancing Pacific Northwest Flavors at T-Mobile Park

Published on : 10/20/20
  • Imagine that your annual capital investment is providing immediate returns, growing per capita sales and revenue year after year. With key investments in food and beverage improvements at T-Mobile Park, this has been the reality for the Seattle Mariners.

    Sodexo Live! has been our partner since we opened the venue,” stated Malcolm Rogel, Vice President of Tickets & Event Sales for the Seattle Mariners said. “It’s a true partnership. They are always at the table with us when we make decisions about the food and beverage experience. They bring to us a consistent approach and partnership. We know what to expect and the level of excellence they provide.


    People gather The Pen Bar at T Mobile Park

    A crowd of people standing in the outfield bar at T Mobile Park


    Establish YOY Growth

    The ‘Pen grew 80% the first year it was open, and 36% of fans regularly visit the eclectic environment each game. Consistent per capita sales growth has been driven by transforming an existing space, concept changes, menu engineering, and strategic pricing on high velocity items.

    Drive Incremental Revenue

    Investments have paid dividends and opened the door for the team to sell additional sponsorships, driving incremental revenue. Partnerships with Seattle vendors, chefs and mixologists truly incorporates authentic local flavors into stadium menus.

    Electrify Fan Loyalty

    Fan satisfaction scores have risen to 91% after celebrating the Team in an open-air restaurant environment, before, during and after the game. The nightclub atmosphere at The Home Run Porch quickly became a must-visit destination for social gatherings and post-game events.