Pre-Show Dinners at Broadmoor World Arena

Published on : 12/8/21
  • Reinvent the Experience

    A new revenue source yields increased operational efficiency and guest satisfaction – simply by allowing ticket holders exclusive access to pre-event dinner and cocktails just minutes from their seats.

    Consistent sell-outsDoubling of revenuesHigh satisfaction



    Knowing the customer base and the menu that matches, offering one-stop shopping, and attractive pricing all make for winners in the pre-show sales, says Dot Lischick, General Manager, The Broadmoor World Arena/ Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts/ World Arena Ice Hall.


    Growth In Popularity 3 Consecutive Years

    Pre-show dinner attendance skyrocketed when the venue pre-sold meal packages with its event tickets.


    New Revenue Streams

    Dinner revenues doubled three years in a row – which presented the perfect opportunity to develop additional dining spaces and cultivate a new program, “The Sip and Savor.”


    VIP Experience

    Guest satisfaction soared with VIP offerings – early entry allowed for crowd avoidance and an elite culinary experience.