More Than Just an Internship

Published on : 3/27/23
  • Sodexo Live!'s engaging, hands-on internship program provides real-world experience for students and an ongoing pipeline of experienced prospective employees for clients. "We're creating exceptional events and memories that last a lifetime," said Jessica Simas, Training and Development Manager. "It's so exciting to be around so many young people so eager to learn and be part of something greater." To gain quality candidates, Sodexo Live! is selective in searching for engaged, motivated students that match the specific needs of our partners. Onboarding and training are just as important as the applicant vetting process. "We've created a program and environment that enables our interns to be successful," Simas said. "We've had over 600 applicants since 2021. It's a big investment on our part, and the hope is that they stay on board." 

    Sodexo Live! Intern Stories

    Haley Hitzing, Marketing SpecialistYoung female intern headshot
    Haley's internship experience at Sodexo Live! fast-tracked her hospitality career. "I had a professor in school that said if you can learn food and beverage, you can learn any aspect of this industry," said Haley. "That's a big reason why I stayed so long. I was always service-driven, but I learned so much about operations during my internship." After seeing how invested Sodexo Live! was in her growth and development, Haley communicated with management about her career goals. "I never felt stagnant. Every single boss I had paved the way."

    "This exposure is priceless. Where else can you say, 'I got an internship, and then I got to be a part of a Super Bowl and an Olympics game?' That sets us apart. We're in the business of experiences."

    Ashlee Zientek, Intern at Orange County Convention CenterHappy female college graduate
    "I'm pursuing my Master's in Sports Management at Western Carolina University," said Ashlee. "Sports have always been a part of my life. I had a college scholarship to play softball. I want to get into the event management side of the industry, and that's why the internship appealed to me. I don't see it as work. I see it as fun!"

    Ashlee is working as a banquet intern, learning everything that goes into setting up events and ensuring everything runs smoothly. "My first day was the PGA Show in January. That was huge, but it was so interesting to see how everything worked," said Ashlee. "Everyone is very welcoming. If I have a question, I can ask and we walk through it together. I'm learning something new every day."