A Key Ingredient for Success: Hospitality

Published on : 12/16/22
  • Merriam-Webster defines hospitality as “the activity or business of providing services to guests in hotels, restaurants, bars, etc.” This definition implies that hospitality and service are interchangeable terms that are synonymous with the act of providing service or care, but they are not. Hospitality is the most powerful business strategy that companies in the service industry can implement, but most are not using it as effectively as they could. And service without hospitality breeds complacency in every aspect of care. Hospitality is integral to making your business stand out, but it requires knowing the difference between hospitality and service. 


    Hospitality vs. Service

    How does service differ from hospitality? Service is a sequence of acts, tasks and procedures that are done with consistency. It is what you do for someone rather than how you make them feel. Service is methodical and automatic; it is not hospitable. Service without hospitality is nothing more than a transaction, and transactions do not make customers feel special, engaged and loyal.  

    By focusing on being hospitable, your service automatically improves. This is because hospitality involves customizing a service or experience for each guest or customer. It is the positive emotional response that customers feel when they are receiving service. As such, hospitality should be dynamic, hopeful, open-hearted and generous. In essence, being hospitable requires recognizing and indulging the humanity in others, which in turn results in elevated service. 


    Ensuring Consistent Hospitality

    Companies that provide service without providing hospitality are not really connecting with their customers. They give the impression that they care more about results than people. But putting people first will always lead to success, as people remember the way you make them feel more than the service they receive. Consequently, happy customers lead to repeat customers/business. Perhaps the best way for service providers to ensure that customers are happy is to ensure that their employees are happy. This requires hiring employees who believe that it matters to make people feel content. Find job candidates who naturally possess kindness, optimism, work ethic, curious intelligence, empathy, self-awareness and integrity, and treat your staff well. 

    By recognizing and catering to the humanity of others, Sodexo Seniors makes hospitality a priority. We are committed to creating a better everyday for everyone to build a better life for all. The Sodexo Seniors team will always focus on putting hospitality above all else to ensure that residents have the exceptional experiences they deserve.