Making Packaging More Sustainable

Published on : 3/31/23
  • Compostable cups, reusable to-go containers, plastic bottles...  

    How can operators compare products and buy what’s best when waste systems vary from one location to the next? When existing sustainable solutions are not practical at scale, systemic change through collective action is required. How do we address the scale and complexity of sustainable packaging?  

    Meet the UP Scorecard, developed by a cross-industry group of technical experts, sustainability leaders and global food service companies, including Sodexo. This tool allows procurement and operators to compare foodware and packaging and is under continual development with the nonprofit Single-Use Material Decelerator, also known as (SUM’d).   

    Judy Panayos, Sodexo Group VP, Net Zero Transition participated in the Scorecard’s development and Lara Seng, Senior Manager of Sustainable Operations, now sits on the steering board of SUM’d.

    The free, online Scorecard is easy to use, guiding users through a process that helps them make more sustainable, science-based decisions. Scores cover six areas: plastic pollution, chemicals of concern, climate, water use, sustainable sourcing and recoverability.  

    As more decision-makers adopt the tool, their massive purchasing power will provide producers with direction regarding demand for sustainable products.  

    We hope it will send the market message that producers should be developing holistic solutions encompassing all aspects of corporate responsibility, Panayos says.

    The Scorecard is a powerful tool that supports the development and deployment of Sodexo’s sustainable food service packaging strategy. It ensures progress toward our responsible sourcing commitments around health and wellbeing, social equity and protecting the natural environment.