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A Culinary Lesson of a Lifetime

Some students love math. Some are drawn to sports. Others are natural writers, or actors, or coders.
For each of them, there is a path, with classes and teachers available to encourage them toward a career.
Some students might not see so clearly how they can match their passion to their future. One of those children was Gerry Garvin.
He loved cooking. He learned to do it beside his mother and discovered it was his favorite way to spend time. It wasn’t an obvious career path but, step by step, he forged his way - from kitchen jobs to culinary school to traveling abroad to study more.
Now that Gerry goes by Chef G. Garvin it’s obvious he succeeded in building a career. He’s a celebrity chef, cookbook author and the Chief Culinary Advisor to SodexoMAGIC.
Because of that background, one of his top goals at SodexoMAGIC is to pass on the culinary opportunities to others. He wants young people to know that if they love to cook, they can keep doing it and thrive. That’s why Garvin embraces Sodexo’s Future Chefs Challenge.
The annual competition, currently in full swing, gives students all over the country the opportunity to create their own recipes, work alongside professionals like Garvin and present their creations to judges.
It also affords them a chance to compete against others to be named this year’s Future Chef and have their recipe featured on school menus across America.

 But Garvin doesn’t want students to worry about winning. He wants them to use the Challenge as a way to hone their craft and as a way to understand that their hobby can lead to much more. Much, much more.
Learn more about Chef G. Gavin and SodexoMAGIC. And, learn more about Sodexo Schools services, including the Future Chefs Challenge. 

February 26, 2020

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