Focus Areas

The mission comes first. But the mission depends on your troops being prepared, able and willing to perform. A force that’s mentally and physically motivated by Sodexo’s Quality of Life approach. Because many of our staff have served, we understand how to serve your needs. Since we were founded in 1966, our primary aim has been mitigating risk, eliminating vulnerabilities, and cutting costs.

A sodexo employee speaking to an armed forces employee holding a clipboard

Maintaining High Performance at work

Your people deserve to have great places where they can live, work and train. It takes facilities management to co-ordinate non-military operations. Area upkeep services to support training. Experienced staff to keep your people in top shape. It takes Sodexo.

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A sodexo employee handing clean uniforms to a member of the armed forces

Supporting the Mission Abroad

Overseas deployments can be challenging. How do you ease the transition? Give your people the food and support they receive at home. Enable them to store and ship the things they need to perform. Help them adjust when they return. Sodexo supports your mission.

A chef teaching two soldiers how to cook

Serving People at Home

You want people to bring the best to their missions. So you have to take good care of them. Provide them with good, nutritious food. Offer them help with childcare. Give them easy access to everyday essentials. That’s how Sodexo serves your people at home.



Is the amount we help troops save annually with our UK voucher program

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