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SodexoMAGIC’s customers can’t make their mark on the world with stomachs full of empty calories. Quality nutrition feeds bodies and brains. When guests enter SodexoMAGIC food venues, they discover on-trend, wellness-focused meals made with fresh, quality ingredients.

Each menu selection is designed to enhance ingenuity, cultivate workplace success or simply equip guests for whatever challenges they may face – whether it’s in the boardroom, classroom or anywhere in between. But “good for you” meals aren’t good enough for us. They should also be friendly to the environment and community – which is why we look at all the links in the value chain: from fair-trade coffees and organically grown produce to sustainably farmed seafood and environmentally responsible packaging.

Beyond the brain-food connection is psychological well-being. We champion programs geared toward mental health and are dedicated to the power of collaboration to spark healthy communities.

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