Our Commitments

Where Our Food Comes From

Transparency and authenticity are driving food choices.

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Love of Food

The food we eat is changing—consumers are looking for active and healthier options. Our dietitians and chefs collaborate to develop sustainable, healthy and balanced meal choices.

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Food Should Be Eaten, Not Wasted

Food should never be thrown away. Nearly all our site managers, chefs and kitchen staff have implemented initiatives to cut waste. But this is not enough.

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Thinking Beyond the Plate to Help Students Succeed

Pouring his life-long passion for farming into his work at Gonzaga University, Sodexo Resident District Manager Pat Clelland touches lives on and off-campus. His unwavering commitment to “provide more than food,” combined with his collaborative spirit, has helped Gonzaga reach its local, fairness and sustainability goals ahead of schedule. See what he brings to school every day.

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