The numbers are staggering. The first half of 2021 alone saw an unprecedented 638% increase in supply disruptions.  Of those, 46.5%1 occurred in North America. The supply chain that we once knew will not be back anytime soon.

Energy and mining fuel the engine of our modern world, so what happens when that engine can’t draw enough power to keep it moving?


Supplying Critical Infrastructure

Sodexo Energy and Resources operates food and facilities management services in over 5,000 sites across the globe. The team has been helping clients to navigate the current supply chain challenges.

Unfortunately, no one is immune to supply chain disruptions, says Stephanie Hertzog, CEO of Sodexo Energy & Resources for North America. It’s how you manage those disruptions that can make the difference between an inconvenience and a critical failure.

Hertzog continues that on-going service and support starts with empathy.

We understand that when you are on an offshore platform, at a mining site or working in a refinery, everyday moments matter. It can be upsetting not to have the brand of chips that you like or be told that you must wait additional time for equipment. Our managers are committed to do everything they can to make the situation better.

We empower them (on-site managers) to have the right conversations. They acknowledge the problem, how to fix it in the short term and what steps they will take to rectify the situation, so it doesn’t happen again.


Building Trust to Navigate Disruptions

Sodexo has over 850 experts dedicated to managing supply chain logistics. How can a smaller energy or mining company navigate these supply chain disruptions?

It all comes down to one thing: being a partner, said Hertzog. We firmly believe that excelling in the service industry is about trust.  Building trust not just with our clients, but with all our partners—whether they be global suppliers or local farmers.  It’s the spirit of service that makes the difference.

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1 Burnson, P. (2021, August 16). Record-breaking supply chain disruptions and supply shortages. Supply Chain Management Review. Retrieved October 18, 2021

November 08, 2021