Mobilizing an Offshore Flotel: A Case Study on Adaptability

Published on : 9/7/22
    • Managed a 60-day food and maintenance offshore flotel for a large oil and gas company
    • Brought flotel up to standards and running in 10 days, with 13 team members for 300 beds
    • Procured 10 containers worth of supplies — from new mattresses to silverware to all pantry items
    • Successfully adapted to unforeseen operational circumstances


    Sodexo currently services rigs in the Gulf of Mexico for a major oil and gas client. From the end of April to the end of June, a flotel contract was added to one of the rigs located 140 miles off the shores of New Orleans. The temporary facility was annexed to hold additional workers for a temporary project. 
    This contract included 60 days of food and facilities management for the 300-bed flotel. The vessel also included a full galley kitchen, a TV room and a gym. In 10 days, our team transformed a substandard vessel operation into one that met Sodexo’s high level of standard for the additional 300 workers hired by our client. 

    The Challenges

    Our client needed an experienced partner to mobilize quickly so they could focus on their project’s critical path and productivity. 

    The unit’s offshore general manager tapped her wealth of knowledge from working in both the Healthcare and University industries, as well as her experience in the Navy. Her experience gave the mobilization a unique lens in the approach, allowing the team to ramp up deployment at a moment’s notice. 

    The offshore general manager said: 

    “No matter the circumstances, my work ethic doesn’t change. I bring the same service spirit into every job.” 

    Faced with unexpected challenges, the team had to be split in two: one to oversee the kitchen management and food service for the influx of workers arriving at their new living quarters, and the other to resolve outstanding issues requiring pest control and bringing the vessel to Sodexo’s service standards. 

    A Strong Support System 

    Quality of life and wellness while away are built into our core at Sodexo. Providing a clean and enhanced living environment is critical to achieving that. The temporary asset, which had been empty for four to six weeks, was in need of special attention, especially in the cabins and galley area. The team immediately evaluated the situation and devised a scheduled plan to execute the improvements needed to reach Sodexo’s high level of standards. 

    Our expert team onshore was critical in mobilizing all our resources to undertake this project. With offshore and remote sites throughout the United States and around the world, our Energy & Resources team sources from their wide range of global expertise to support and help deploy better, faster and stronger — raising the bar on standard service in the industry. 

    Dedicated Support Behind the Team 

    Sodexo’s Louisiana Distribution Center has been serving our offshore clients in the Gulf of Mexico for over 20 years, including responding to and operating through hurricanes and other disasters. When tasked with last-minute requests — such as sourcing and delivering 300 mattresses and converters for foreign electrical outlets throughout the vessel in a short time frame — the team was prepared to go the extra mile at a moment’s notice. 

    With 26 local, regional and national suppliers, and a capacity to distribute over 200 pallets of products weekly, our supply network allows us to maneuver at scale in sourcing goods and supplies at competitive prices and in a timely matter. 

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    When faced with unforeseen situations, our team was able to assess and respond, in part because of the strong operational support team supporting them from onshore. Situations such as pest control and connectivity issues were dealt with swiftly and professionally, ensuring business continuity for the balance of the day-to-day operations.  

    Life offshore is not easy, and quality of life is critical to the mental health of your workers. The priority in our offshore services is to create and maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone onboard the asset.


    Our team pulled from their multifaceted experience to problem-solve, resolve and mitigate unexpected issues they were faced with and ensure business continuity and improvements. The client appreciated the team’s diligence in upholding the highest of standards, even if it meant additional work to provide quality services to their workers. 

    Our client said: 

    “I will forever be thankful for the efforts of Sodexo to improve the conditions of the rooms and galley, despite the uphill battle it has been. You will continue to be a key contributor to the success of this event, and these efforts have not gone unnoticed by the leadership and those associated with the project. I’ve always believed that when adversity strikes, you can tell a lot about someone’s character in how they respond, and from the sounds of it, you and your team have been beyond reproach. We are grateful to have you on the team."  

    When partnering with us, clients know they can rely on our teams to focus on the enhancement of the quality of life for their workforce and focus on the successful output of the projects their people are working on. In offshore life, it’s always about our commitment to improving the quality of life of our employees and those we serve every day. 
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