Sodexo Live! Small Business Spotlight: Cute as a Button Cookies

Published on : 12/14/22
  • No matter the score, home games are a little sweeter for Indianapolis Colts fans thanks to Sodexo Live! partner Katie Maurer. As the owner, baker, and artist behind Cute as Button Cookies, Katie turns sugar cookie cutouts into mini masterpieces with intricately designed and delicious treats for team owners, general managers, and other suite VIPs.

    Cookies in the shape of Colts jerseys and Indiana.

    A Leap of Faith

    What started as homemade gifts for friends and family grew after Katie made her first official sale in 2014. Cute as a Button took off thanks to happy customers sharing pictures of custom-designed cookies on social media. As business grew, Katie saw the opportunity to fulfill her dream of spending more time at home with her growing family.

    Pivoting from reporter with the Indianapolis Business Journal to baker took a lot of patience and practice. "I've always told my daughters to do what they love and the rest will follow. It took a huge leap of faith, but Cute as a Button is a testament to that mantra."

    A Family Affair

    Sodexo Live! partnered with Cute as a Button in 2019. "I still remember the minute I got the message asking if I wanted to make some samples to bring to Lucas Oil Stadium. I showed the phone to my husband and said, 'OK, this could be really exciting.'" Now Katie bakes and hand decorates over 50 dozen cookies for every home game—with a little help from her family. "My husband is my delivery guy, and my kids are learning first-hand about the immense effort that goes into running a successful small business. From September to January, it's all hands on deck." 

    Paying it Forward

    Sodexo Live! strives to amplify diverse local businesses that are part of our communities, providing one-of-a-kind innovative solutions for clients like Lucas Oil Stadium. "For me to be involved with the Indianapolis Colts and Sodexo Live! fills me with so much pride. I consider it an honor. I can't say enough about the support they show local businesses year after year. It's been an incredible opportunity."

     Katie pays her success forward to support a community cause close to her heart. She partners with the Carmel High School student government to raise money for the Riley Children's   Foundation, the fundraising organization for Riley Children's Health. "These kids are amazing. Everyone in Indianapolis has a story about Riley, and I love being able to give back."