Meet Greg Taylor, Energy and Resources Solution Designer: Part 2

Published on : 8/8/22
  • Consolidating Services & Solution Design for Clients

    Over 40 years in facilities management
    Experience in both management and operations
    Sodexo employee for almost eleven years

    Greg Taylor, Energy and Resources solution designer at Sodexo, North America is responsible for designing customizable client solutions for onshore and offshore clients in the U.S. Greg brings with him over forty years of facilities management experience on both the management and operational sides of the business, and has been with Sodexo for almost eleven years.  

    We spoke with Greg to gain a better understanding of his solution design process and how consolidating providers leads to best in-class performance for our clients. 

    Interviewer: When designing a solution for clients, do you identify opportunities for contract consolidation utilizing our hard and soft services?

    Greg Taylor: We have a case with a client now where within the past eighteen months we have consolidated all services. We first started off with providing just soft services for this client like our cleaning services, but they decided to work with us on all their hard services as well such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing. In every case where we’ve integrated our services under one umbrella, we have brought more value to our clients.  

    Interviewer: How does moving our hard and soft service options under our umbrella add client value?

    Greg Taylor: By consolidating services under one umbrella, we have the ability to consolidate management and, therefore, reduce duplication of effort in terms of how we manage our workforces. This enables us to have fewer managers overseeing a larger number of employees. We also utilize our state-of-the-art technology to change the way we service our clients by increasing the work we do with fewer people thus saving costs. These are key components of how we provide solutions through consolidation and add value for our clients. 

    Interviewer: What would you say to potential clients that are looking to consolidate with a single provider?

    Greg Taylor: It’s a one-stop solution. Other providers in the industry are only able to self-perform just hard or soft services, while we’re able to provide both for our clients. Consolidating services to one provider, in return, helps drive down cost for clients and allows us to perform at a higher level.  


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