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Capturing Student Feedback in a Fresh, Fun, Innovative Way

One of the constant challenges in the service industries is to gain an understanding of the customer’s point of view -- even if that point of view is a foot or more shorter than usual -- as it is with students.

Up until recently, we’ve relied on written surveys, numerical ratings and focus groups. Now, with a breakthrough innovation that takes advantage of current technology, we can go further and get in-depth, in-the-moment reactions. 

We are giving student digital cameras to snap photos and offer immediate insights. To learn more about our Captured Program, watch the video below and contact us




The Captured Program is simple, yet innovative

  • We identify five pairs of students.
  • We give them a brief overview and instructions, then issue each team a digital camera.
  • On Day One, we ask each team to record one service of product we deliver really well and four where they see area for improvement.
  • Day Two, we serve the teams a catered meal while we share their previous day’s feedback and talk in-depth about their opinions.  

The program has yielding new and interesting insights that we can act on immediately. Meanwhile, the students love to take part - jumping at the chance to snap photos and offer opinions. We like to think it has captured their attention.

Let us know how Captured and Sodexo School Services can help you engage your students.

February 28, 2020

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