For hospitals looking to deliver the highest standard of care or for those targeting reduced HAIs and their impacts, Sodexo Healthcare offers Protecta, an evidence-based, standardized approach to environmental infection prevention.

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Combat Hospital-Acquired Infections

When you get started with Protecta, your team at Sodexo will evaluate your hospital’s unique infection risk factors to develop an individualized plan to combat HAIs. Patient procedures and care types, vulnerable areas within the hospital, and equipment specifications will be reviewed to tailor Protecta to your needs.

What is Protecta®?

Protecta from Sodexo Healthcare is an integrated, end-to-end approach to combat HAIs that ultimately enables a hospital to enhance its community reputation, patient experience, reduce variability in care, and maintain confidence in its approach to cleaning and disinfecting.

In this 90-second video, you’ll learn about Sodexo’s integrated approach to infection prevention and proven solution in the fight against HAIs.

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What are the Key Elements of Protecta?


Protecta Delivers Proven Results

The integrated elements in Protecta work together to deliver reliable outcomes. In fact, three-year results from 55 Protecta sites prove the program works, with 2,359 infections avoided, over $85 million in savings, and some individual clients experiencing up to $3 million in savings.

Hospitals across the country have reported multiple indicators of success through adoption of Protecta, including:

Protecta® Plus

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Resources for Combatting HAIs