A foundational infection prevention program is critically important for hospitals, but there are circumstances where additional measures are needed. For next-level infection prevention, Sodexo Healthcare offers Protecta® Plus.

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Get an Additional Level of Confidence with Protecta Plus 

For additional confidence for terminal cleaning, control of outbreaks, or disinfection of areas with immunocompromised patients, Protecta Plus from Sodexo Healthcare offers options that provide the extra level of environmental infection prevention you need.

What is Protecta Plus?

Hand Hygiene Training

Our technology reinforces proper handwashing techniques through a portable training kiosk. With practical training and reporting capabilities, you can make a significant impact in your infection prevention efforts through proper handwashing protocols.


We employ innovative UV technologies that add an enhanced layer of disinfection on top of manual cleaning, while also increasing efficiency and productivity.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Bio-decontamination Technology

Hydrogen peroxide vapor bio-decontamination technology uses an EPA-registered sterilant to decontaminate hard-to-reach areas, providing the highest level of disinfection assurance.

Resources for Combatting HAIs