When patients and caregivers visit a hospital, they expect knowledgeable providers, effective medical care, and a safe environment. To ensure a clean healthcare setting, infection preventionists are working around the clock to fight healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) and keep them from impacting patient care.

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Get More Confidence in Your Environmental Services Program

If your hospital is ready to step up its infection prevention program, Integrated Infection Prevention programs from Sodexo Healthcare can provide the framework and tools to help you achieve better results.

End-to-end infection prevention involves components that work together and are completed in a standardized process that delivers consistent results each and every time.


Integrated Infection Prevention Solutions from Sodexo


For hospitals seeking to implement a proven infection prevention program, Protecta provides standardized elements including tools, chemicals and disinfectants, processes and training. Proven to decrease MRSA by 70% and C. diff infections by 53%, hospitals gain confidence in a cleaner and safer environment for its patients and employees.

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Protecta® Plus

Protecta Plus is an additional line of solutions and technology that can elevate the proven, standardized Protecta program. Protecta Plus offers options for areas that may require additional levels of disinfection assurance such as isolation areas, operating rooms, NICUs, cancer or burn units. Offerings include UV-C, hand hygiene training, and bio-decontamination technology.

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Safer Together

Safer Together is a powerful way for hospitals to communicate their ongoing infection prevention efforts that create clean and safe care environments. This marketing partnership leverages trusted solutions to demonstrate your hospital’s commitment to disinfection.

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