With the onset of COVID-19, hospitals and healthcare facilities must evolve the way they protect their patients, care teams and communities. That includes providing the safest environment possible. Protecta is rising to the challenge, unlocking an evidence-based approach to environmental infection prevention that goes beyond cleaning surfaces and helps us prepare for the future, together.


What is Protecta?

A strong Environmental Infection Prevention strategy is critical for ensuring the safety of your patients and staff. Based on the latest data, expert recommendations and clinically proven testing, Protecta provides the solution for hospitals to prevent hospital-associated infections and the spread of COVID-19. 


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The newest capability to ensuring your hospital’s safety

Protecta is continually innovating our solutions to ensure the safety of hospital staff and patients. Now you can have even more peace of mind for your facility with hydrogen peroxide vapor fogging. It’s that final level of protection against pathogens, releasing hydrogen peroxide vapor to eliminate 99.9999% of pathogens on every exposed surface including patient rooms, ICUs, ORs and more.

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Building a Human-Centered Healthcare Enterprise

Disinfecting against MRSA, C. diff & COVID-19

Increase your employees and patient confidence with Protecta’s best-in-class chemicals that have been effective against COVID-19 and are in widespread use in hospitals to pathogens and biofilm from surfaces.

Your partner wherever care is delivered

Our solutions are scalable and adaptable. We’ll work with you together to prepare for the next normal. Our multidisciplinary staff are experts in their fields and will collaborate with yours to create a clean and disinfected facility for your patients, staff, and visitors. Our Environmental Services teams will become integral members of your hospital’s staff.

Driving performance and improving quality of life

It’s more important than ever to help our healthcare partners provide care along a patient’s healing journey. Through integrated technology and disinfecting solutions, Protecta’s data-driven solutions have lowered lengths of stay, reduced costs pursuant to HAI treatment, and minimized readmissions.

Leveraging data-driven solutions

Sodexo is trusted by over 1,000 hospitals across the country, and now offers additional support to protect against new threats like COVID-19. Powered by science and insights, Protecta combines Sodexo’s rigorous cleaning procedures with proven chemicals and that have shown to reduce C. diff and MRSA cases by 53% and 70%, respectively.