Developed around the latest trends and insights, our food and cleaning programs energize client sites, both on and offshore. We design inspiring environments and menus with healthy choices that aid in productivity with a full range of choices based on what your employees want, whether it’s comfort, adventure, wellness, speed or indulgence.

A fresh approach to food at work, contemporary dishes, creative spaces: this is what you’ll get when you partner with Sodexo. We create environments that attract top talent and ensures that your staff feel productive, engaged and rewarded. Every touchpoint, message and dish is perfectly aligned with our client’s own corporate responsibility values and expectations. Learn more to today about or programs and services.

What we Deliver

High Quality Coffee Experiences

Your employees deserve high-quality coffee to fuel them throughout the day. As one of the largest hot beverage retailers in the world, we get coffee. We offer functional and artisanal beverages through our coffee shops, restaurants, catering, and vending services. Employees will be taken care of no matter where they are or what they’re doing when they’re in need of coffee to make it through

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Meeting Your Employees’ Needs Throughout the Day

To keep employees fueled and engaged, Sodexo offers Twelve, a unique retail lounge experience that caters to employee’s needs throughout their day. From hot coffee and teas to healthy grab-and-go options to signature chef created dishes they can prepare when they’re ready to eat, your employees will be able to have a healthy meal or snack any time of day.

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Global Flavors your Employees will Love

Offer your employees fresh, honest food that will give them an immersive experience right in the workplace. Foodiverse takes flavors from around the world to create authentic dishes prepared by Sodexo’s talented chefs whose dishes change each month. This perk will feel as elevated as fine dining yet be quick and accessible for the workday.

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Recognize your Employees with Innovative Technology

Your employees want to feel recognized, remembered, and rewarded. Sodexo’s Bite app allows employees to order what they want, when they want, and rewards them for it. It gives them wellness & nutrition information while making it easy to find answers to their questions. We give employees control of their health so they’re well-fueled and engaged throughout the day.

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Beautifully Designed Spaces Your Employees will Love

Sodexo believes that everyone should have great honest food in a beautifully designed space that’s accessible and affordable to everyone at their workplace. With Sodexo’s Eat, your employees will have a space to take a break, relax, and enjoy a variety of healthy options to help power their busy days.

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