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Improving Quality of Life for the U.S. Military

Readiness and resilience are the heartbeat of the U.S. military, and we measure our success based on our contribution to these performance drivers. By enhancing Quality of Life for the military, their families and their community, we help you meet your objectives and serve your mission.

Go Farther, Do Better, Complete the Mission with Expert Support

We believe that greater productivity and your organization’s success are driven by the Six Dimensions of Quality of Life. Physical Environment, Health and Wellness, Social Interaction, Recognition, Ease and Personal Growth— are the ultimate drivers of human performance. Quality of Life in the workplace means creating an environment of respect which improves employee wellness.


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In the military, it’s essential. The demands placed on the military require a partner with the acumen and experience to deliver the services you need the right way, on time, 24/7/365. That’s Sodexo’s promise— and we deliver.

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