The Evolution of Worklife

The Evolution of Worklife
The Evolution of Worklife

Key Takeaways

  • A flexible work policy is now as important as health insurance for U.S. workers considering switching jobs
  • More than 75% of U.S. employees said in June 2021 they will visit on-site cafeterias as frequently or more often than they did before the pandemic 1

Employees’ expectations are evolving as organizations pivot toward a dramatically different future. Our surveys, conducted in partnership with Harris Interactive, found that 85% of U.S. workers and 82% of Canadian workers want the option to work remotely. For employers, this means an agile and supportive approach is necessary as workplaces transform.

Our report, Agility Shapes a New Workplace Continuum, focuses on the evolving work-life dynamic. Inside you’ll find:

  • What U.S. workers need for their health and safety in their place of work
  • How to communicate with a dispersed workforce
  • How to integrate agility into your operations

Employers will need to recalibrate their policies to stay connected with workers and meet their health and safety expectations. How can your workplace adjust to employees’ critical new needs?

Download your copy of our Agility Shapes a New Workplace Continuum report.

1 Sodexo/Harris Interactive, Worklife Continuum Report, Wave 5 U.S. Results; Back to the new normal (Canada)