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Promoting an Inclusive Culture

Each individual's unique background, experience, and abilities are at the heart of our vibrant workforce and truly reflect the communities we serve. We work to attract, develop, engage, advance and retain a high performing workforce, while fostering an open, inclusive culture where everyone can thrive; one that enables engagement, productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Our global commitment to diversity and inclusion covers 5 key dimensions—Gender, Cultures & Origins, Disability, LGBTQ and Generations. Within each of these areas we continue to implement programs and initiatives that foster an inclusive culture at Sodexo where our employees feel valued and respected as individuals, drive change in local communities, while impacting the lives of individuals around the world.

Pressing for Progress on Gender Equality

At Sodexo, we remain strongly committed to advancing gender equality. When women are empowered, we’re all empowered. And achieving gender equality drives our performance and is critical to reaching a Better Tomorrow for our employees, our clients and consumers, and the communities we serve.

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Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (LGBTQ)

Sodexo works to elevate awareness and nurture an inclusive culture for all LGBTQ employees, allies and community members.

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People with Disabilities

At Sodexo, we’re committed to providing a work environment where people can bring their whole selves to work—this includes those with visible and invisible disabilities, often a source of untapped talent.

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Celebrating Cultures and Origins

Located in 72 countries with over 130 different nationalities represented in our workforce, speaking different languages and practicing every religion in the world, Sodexo’s focus on cultures and origins is a priority.

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At Sodexo, we value the diverse perspectives that each generation brings to the workplace and marketplace. It is critical that the institutional knowledge and historical views of our most tenured employees, along with the progressive mindset of our emerging talent are both leveraged. 

Through training and initiatives including reciprocal mentoring, we are able to create cohesion across the generations.

D&I Thought Leadership

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